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The district

  • Martedi 27 Aprile 2021 13:51
  • Admin

Castello Cagliari

Out of the four historical districts in Cagliari, Castello (Casteddu, in Sardinian), is the main one. It was funded in the XIII century by the Pisans of Tuscany. It was fortified by endowing it with walls, towers and ramparts, and it became the seat of the civil, military and religious power of Cagliari. Since then, and under the later dominations, from the Pisans to the Piedmontese until the post-War II, Castello has hosted the palaces of power and the noble residences.

It has then gradually become the symbol of Cagliari itself and this is why it represents now the nerve centre of the movida in Cagliari, which offers the most renowned bars and restaurants, just by the high street shops and the Bastione. From the majestic Bastione (rampart) you will be able to enjoy an absolutely stunning view. You can also breathe the scent of the sea which spreads in the air, then conquers your soul and gives you a feeling of happiness and relaxation.

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